Braun BNC009WH-RC - Sveglia digitale

Braun BNC009WH-RC - Sveglia digitale e Negozio!

Description : d-c-fix? self-adhesive decorative films are versatile and very easy to use.Providing both design and function, d-c fix? films can be used for a huge range of applications which every household could benefit from, whether it be for up cycling old furniture, making over an out-dated kitchen, covering school books or providing privacy and decor to windows.How To Apply:All you need for application is a clean, flat, dry surface, scissors, pencil, ruler, cloth or smoother.Step 1: Using the handy grid on the backing paper, cut the film to size leaving a 4mm margin around the edge to be trimmed at the end.Step 2: Peel away the backing paper little by little smoothing down into place with your cloth or smoother as you go. If you make a mistake it's not a problem as the water based adhesive means the film can be peeled back and re-applied.Full adhesion occurs after 7 days. Air bubbles can be removed easily by smoothing out to the edge or by pricking with a pin and smoothing out.(Tip! Use our application kit for a perfect finish).d-c fix? high quality self-adhesive films outperform the rest in terms of adhesion, covering power, dirt/heat resistance, light resistance and shrinkage so whatever you decide to cover, you'll be pleased with the results.d-c-fix? offers a huge range of designs from plains to marbles, woodgrains, polka dots, florals, animal skins and specialist window designs. If and when you decide it's time for a change, simply remove the film and clean away any residue with warm soapy water.

Braun BNC009WH-RC - Sveglia digitale Specifiche, funzioni e prezzo

Category: Sveglie elettroniche

Brand: Braun

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Braun BNC009WH-RC - Sveglia digitale da Braun è il migliore per voi!
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