Hama Porta CD "ST-60", faggio

Hama Porta CD "ST-60", faggio e Negozio!

Description : Are your CDs in a mess?Are you in the position where you have countless CDs out of boxes in different locations all around the house, office or building vulnerable to dust, scratches and damage? Unfortunately for you, CDs do not swallow everything. Dirt and scratches can lead to irreparable damage and there is nothing worse then putting a CD on and it jumping the whole way through due to copious scratches. All of your CDs are to be stored in a box or rack.Stop, Store, Secure and Organise with the CD Box from Hama!It is true that storage doesn?t have to mean ugly brown boxes and the trendy, space-saving CD boxes from Hama prove that. Available in beautiful beech wood, the high-quality CD box with width 54.5 cm, height 26.5 cm and depth 15.5 cm, would look great in any living room, bedroom or office with its clean and light finish. Able to house up to 60 CDs, you have no excuse for CDs being left around the house, office or building cluttering up your table tops or floor. The compartments with spring mechanism within the box are evenly separated to allow enough space to easily insert and remove your CDs whilst keeping them secure and organized whether it be by genre or alphabetically. In addition, the great thing is that the CD Box from Hama can be put on every desk or floor surface and can also be mounted to the wall to optimize on space. Finding instead of searching, this is the motto of the small, sovereign boxes from Hama. Hama's CD Box ST-60, holds up to 60 CD (incl. 4 double CD). The spring load mechanism ejects a CD by lightly pressing the required jewel case. The strong wooden structure has been designed to be either free standing or wall mounted.

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Category: Porta CD e DVD modulari

Brand: Hama

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Hama Porta CD "ST-60", faggio da Hama è il migliore per voi!
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